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Green coat with hood



Product Type: Kabát

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I'm a coat from the third collection of Honest Czech Coats. I am made of 100% handwoven wool material in Mr. Kubák's Weaving Mill in Strmilov, I have pockets, a belt and a brand new hood cut, which Daniela invented for me. I have a viscose lining inside.

I will warm you up in -10 ° C and last for at least one decade if you take good care of me.

I'm woolly, so I bite a little. But it's nothing terrible, and after a while, you won't even notice. Moreover, wearing felt, the fibers get more locked in and my biting is reduced to a minimum.

Please do not put me in the dry cleaners, but if I need to freshen up, steam me with an iron or hang me over the heater. If I get dirty, brush me with a coat and suit brush or wash me by hand with an organic wool cleaner.

Wool has a self-cleaning ability and the dry cleaner would dry my fibers and damage them, and I would never be the same again.

If you're afraid of moles, don't leave me alone for the summer. Leave me in a closet you visit daily and put lavender or a scented soap in my pocket. Moles don't like being disturbed and I won't be sad.

Your new coat ❤️


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